Friday, September 25, 2009

Special Guest Star Appearance

(It's a dream note, but I'll keep it short.)

Isn't it fun when your dream features someone you haven't seen in a really long time. For example, you're on a subway, and you're trying to dodge some creep who is hitting on you, and you run into XXX, who you haven't see since you graduated from college 10 years ago. The dream audience cheers and whistles as the special guest comes on screen and your guest has to pause a bit until the cheers die down.

Later, you exchange phone numbers because he doesn't want you to get lost on the subway. But it takes forever because you can't find his phone number on the phone screen he shows you and when you do find it, you can't copy it because the numbers keep changing. (Your brain can't fake a number? Or just can't remember a number long enough?) You're frustrated and you start to realize that it is a dream and begin to wake up.

But, it was good to see XXX. He hasn't changed a bit in 10 years.

The end. See, that wasn't too bad.

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Bob Francine said...

Dreaming about me again?!?