Monday, November 24, 2008

A Conversation with My Parents

Dad: My blood sugar was 211.
Me: Is that high? What did you have for breakfast? Sugar pops and ice cream?
Dad: No. I had... What's that called?
Mom: Eggs
Me: What? You couldn't come up with "eggs"?
Dad: No-oo! It was those things...
Mom: Hot pockets.

Mom didn't understand that she had made the conversation funny by filling in the wrong word.

A Conversation with Grandma

Grandma: [Jamie] has 3 dogs and I don't know how many cats.
Me: Oh. I didn't know Jamie had cats.
Grandma: Yes, he has 5 of them.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Good Thinks [sic] Never Last

Frank emailed me with the title as the subject line:
Well, it finally happened. Your cat barked in the cat cave.

What actually happened (Sydney barfed in the Cat Cave, a.k.a, the office closet) isn't as cool as what he wrote. Frank was hitting the 'k' key pretty hard that day.

Typos are funny. I'm glad I never have them.